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Boasting a wide rage of attractions, Jakarta is Indonesia's capital city. This vibrant city is home to the largest mosque in the whole of Indonesia as well as a large number of other temples and interesting buildings.
Places of worship:
Istiqlal Mosque and museum
What can you find in the museum? Also found below the museum building are prison cells, where some of them house old cannon balls, and of course, you will find cannons inside the courtyard of the museum and in the square in front of museum building. Surrounding the Fatahillah Square, as the square is known as, there is the large Kota Post Office, Museum Wayang, Museum Ceramics, Cafe Batavia and a decrepit old building, which can become an interesting photography object.
The Wayang Museum
Also known as the Puppet Museum, visitors to the Wayang Museum will be greeted by a large collection of traditional leather puppets.
The Puppet Museum, Jakarta History Museum and Fine Arts Museum are situated a very short distance towards the southern part of the Sunda Harbor. All these museums are standing together neighboring the Fatahillah Park at the old town square of Batavia. People visiting the Puppet Museum on Sunday should watch the Wayang Kulit puppet show at around 10 am local time to get a close look of the Indonesian cultural entertainment.
I learned about Museum Fatahillah in early 2011. For a citizen of Jakarta, I was pretty ignorant, not knowing that the city has an Old Town, or Kota Tua, where the museum is located. Then in 1627, it was used by the Dutch Colonial government as the city hall of Batavia, the name Jakarta was called by the Dutch, or more correctly known by Jakarta locals as Betawi. Museum Fatahillah is also known as the Jakarta History Museum.
Natural Attractions:
Ragunan Zoo
Lapangan Banteng
Featuring a magnificent number of colonial buildings, many visitors will be able to walk to this airy city square from their Jakarta hotel as Lapangan Banteng can be found in the very heart of the city. Jakarta History Museum
Situated in a buildings dating back nearly 400 years that was originally used by the Dutch East Indies Company, the Jakarta History Museum houses a large collection of exhibits dating back to the 16th century.
National Monument
Housing National History Museum at its base, the National Monument is a tribute to Indonesia's independence.
Other attractions:
Ancol Dreamland

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